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EZPooling allows you to join a lottery pool and share in hundreds of lottery tickets for a fraction of the price.

Share in 105 Lottery Tickets for $9.50 lottery pool new player offer

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5 Pool Value Pack

Our most popular package includes:

  • 25 Powerball Tickets
  • 15 Powerball Tickets w/ Power Play
  • 25 Mega Millions Tickets
  • 15 Mega Millions Tickets w/ Megaplier
  • 25 The Pick Tickets

= 105 Total Tickets

If you bought all these tickets on your own, it would cost you $215.
In a group of 50*, you get action in all these tickets for a fraction of the price. *Other group sizes also available

"50% OFF - That's incredible!!"

Yup, it is!! This special discount is only for households new to PowerPick.

We are so confident that you will find EZPooling to be so easy, so fun and so very affordable... we can't wait for you try it out!

First, consider this...

A jackpot is at $100 million and you bought this package of 5 pools for $4.75. If it hits, your share would be:


Now, consider the current jackpots...

  • Powerball - $114,000,000!! (Wed Jul 24, 2024)
  • Mega Millions - $279,000,000!! (Tue Jul 23, 2024)
  • The Pick - $4,200,000!! (Wed Jul 24, 2024)

You get all the above for only $4.75 - Give it a Try!

MORE Chances of winning than ANY other way of playing!

Frequently Asked Questions.

By sharing the cost of tickets with other players, you can always play for pennies per ticket. The tickets in this Package would cost you $215 in the store. But through PowerPick, the regular cost is only $9.50 - that's the incredible advantage of pooling. But even better is $4.75 - our 50% discounted price to introduce you to our service.

In this Value Pack pool, you will be part of a 50 player group, and you can win a small fortune or even millions of dollars, depending on the size of the jackpot!! Should you choose to pool with us in the future, we also offer individual game selections (Powerball, Pick, Mega Millions and Fantasy) with different group size choices (10, 20, 25, 50, 100 and 200), so a more inclusive explanation of your jackpot share depends on size of the Jackpot and on the group size.

$4.75 is an excellent price – give it a try and see for yourself. This is just a one-time charge. Future play will be up to you. Who knows, this could be the day you talk about the rest of your life! We hope that you like our service and make PowerPick part of your future lottery plays.

You will be automatically logged in so that you can instantly view all 105 ticket numbers that you will be sharing. You will also receive a follow-up email welcoming you to the club with your ID and Password plus other information.

About one hour after the drawing you can view your numbers and results. Our program highlights every matching number in blue. If the ticket is a winner, the numbers are highlighted in red and we have a small dancing figure next to each winner with a popup telling you how much the group won.

We also have a Winnings Summary that brings all your winners together on one screen displaying the Group’s winnings and your share. It’s really a great way to play, and a lot more exciting too!

When you play for the first time, an account is created for you in the PowerPick system. You will be able to view all of your play activity, winnings and other information.

If the winning ticket is greater than $5,001, you will be congratulated by phone and email. You will also be sent a claim form in the mail. It takes about 7-10 days to collect the claim forms. They are hand delivered to the Arizona Lottery, who then makes out the checks and mails them to each person.

For any amount smaller than that, your share of the prize will appear in your PowerPick account. You have the choice of letting the balance grow, using your balance for more plays, or you may request a check.

  • NO More Trips to the Store.
  • Play anytime for as little as $3.25.
  • Join a Lottery Pool Whenever the Mood Strikes.
  • Choose from group sizes 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 & 200.
  • Choose the Value Pack or choose a pool in Powerball, The Pick, Mega Millions or Fantasy 5.

Got Questions? Call Us!

Our Players also enjoy more perks like:

Financial advantage of pooling.

MORE chances of winning than ANY other way of playing!

Through pooling, you can play the lottery for pennies per ticket, and still win millions of dollars. The odds are tough. So, why not improve your chances of winning by playing with hundreds of tickets instead of just a few?

If you lose, you lose a few bucks.
When you win, credit pooling! Because, without pooling you would not have had all those tickets.

Did you know?

In United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe, 20% - 25% of lottery jackpot wins and other prizes are from lottery pools.
Pooling is a tried and true method of playing.

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