Q: Who can play?

A: You must be 21 years of age and have an Arizona mailing address.

Q: What is PowerPick all about?

A: PowerPick is about giving people HUNDREDS MORE chances of becoming a lottery jackpot winner through pools put together by PowerPick, and all you need is you! PowerPick does all the work. You won't be standing in line, forgetting to buy tickets or making last minute dashes to the store. We have thousands of players throughout Arizona who make up our pools. You just click on the pool you want to join, and within seconds you will be in the pool and viewing the numbers you will be sharing. It's simply the most powerful, exciting and convenient way of playing! For example, why pay $50 when for $3.25 you can be part of a group sharing the same number of tickets, and you can still end up being wealthy!

Q: What does PowerPick charge?

A: All you pay is the price shown to join the pool. The price of your selection includes the cost of the tickets and the cost for all the other services and benefits offered by PowerPick. There are no other charges.

Q: How are the Pools structured?

A: There are different group sizes depending on the game. For example, in Fantasy 5 we only have group sizes of 10 players and 20 players. In Powerball, The Pick, and Mega Millions we have group sizes 20, 25, 50, and 100. In Powerball and Mega Millions we also offer group size 200. The Terms and Conditions provides a more complete explanation of how pools are structured.

Q: How do I see all the lottery plays I am sharing in?

A: ALL the tickets/lottery plays that a person owns jointly with others, along with the draw dates and Group Size are listed on their "Pool Numbers" screen that is accessed under "View Orders & Results." That screen and the buttons to reach that screen will be available once the person logs in under www.ezpooling.com. Each member can also click on "Email Cert." which is a link on their "Pool Numbers" screen to send themselves a copy of the ticket numbers. For some special pools, a "Confirmation Certificate" may also be mailed to the member via U.S. mail. The "Pool Numbers" screen shows ALL lottery plays that the member is sharing in. Other members are also sharing in those same lottery plays. The "Pool Numbers" screen also shows the member's ownership share via the group size; e.g. group size 25, groups size 50, etc.

Q: How much of the winnings are paid out?

A: 100% of the winnings are paid out. Sometimes PowerPick will also receive a share of the winnings, but only if PowerPick owns a share of the ticket just like any other member. PowerPick never receives any part of the winnings out of your share - you get 100%. For example, if you are in a group of 50, you will receive 1/50th of the winnings and if you are in a group of 25, you will receive 1/25th of the winnings.

Q: When do I see my results?

A: About one hour after the drawing you can view your numbers and results by clicking on "View Orders and Results" on the Home page. Our program highlights every matching number in blue. If the ticket is a winner, the numbers are highlighted in red and we have a small dancing figure next to each winner with a popup telling you how much the group won. We also have a Winnings Summary that brings all your winners together on one screen displaying the Group’s winnings and your share.

Q: When will I receive my winnings?

A: When you play for the first time, an account is created for you in the PowerPick system. You will be able to view all of your play activity, winnings and other information. You can click on "View Orders and Results" on the Home page to see the ressults of your pool. You can also click on the "Balance History" link, which appears on several pages, to view all monies in and out of your account. All winnings are credited to your account within two business days of the drawing, and at any time you may request a check, apply the balance to your next selection, or let it accumulate for future use. You have a full year from the date of your final play to claim your winnings or use them towards another selection. No check will be issued for any amount under $3. For any amount under $3, free pooled plays will be issued, as payment, in the game requested by the member.

Q: What happens when we hit a large prize?

A: You will be contacted by telephone, email and by U.S. Mail. And by the way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to check your numbers since our computer checks all numbers right after every drawing. After congratulating you by phone and email, a claim form will be sent to you by U.S. mail. It generally takes about 10 days to get back all the forms. The forms are then delivered to the Arizona Lottery and they send out the checks.

Q: How are PowerPick’s numbers chosen?

A: Unless specified otherwise, PowerPick’s computer randomly selects the numbers. The numbers are selected in advance so they can be provided to you before the drawings.

Q: How do I pay?

A: You just call the PowerPick office to set up your payment method. In order to provide you with maximum security, we do not ask for or store any financial information on the internet. When you call, please have your ID number available (602-995-9200 or 800-274-7529). If this is your first time, you will receive your ID number as soon as you complete the Registration screen. Once you have your payment method on file, you will just make a periodic deposit to your account and play using your balance

Q: Can I purchase multiple selections?

A: Yes, we always have dozens of available pools that you can join. You can even order the same selection more than once. PowerPick makes sure that you are not assigned to any lottery ticket more than once or a message will come back letting you know that your request is not available.

Q: What if I forget to check my numbers?

A: No problem. PowerPick automatically checks all numbers for every pool after every lottery drawing. You won’t miss out on any of your winnings. The results of all pools will be up on the web about one hour after the drawing. Our computer system highlights every number in your pool that matches what the lottery has drawn. Those numbers are shown in blue. If the ticket is a winner, the numbers are shown in red and we have a little dancing character next to each winning ticket. When you move your mouse over the little dancer, a message box will open up displaying the winnings for the group. For each Selection you ordered, there will also be a Winnings Summary link that will show you all the winners in your pool and your share of the winnings.

Q: With all those numbers, shouldn’t the winnings cover the cost of my selection?

A: We hope so, but unless your numbers win some of the larger prizes, the smaller prizes will not cover the cost of your selection because they are divided among the other players sharing your numbers. Keep in mind that the goal of pooling is not to win more small prizes, but to get the most chances of winning the jackpot and other big prizes.

Q: How are the jackpot and other large prizes handled?

A: PowerPick will notify each winner by phone, email and U.S. Postal service which will include a claim form. Once all the claim forms are received back, which generally takes about two weeks, they are all brought to the Arizona Lottery for payment by the Arizona Lottery.

Q: How can I confirm that the tickets have been purchased for each drawing?

A: At any time within 3 months, you may request a photocopy of any ticket purchased. Include a copy of your certificate with the set of numbers circled, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope or your fax number. You can always have our system email you a PDF of your numbers, which can then be printed out.

The above FAQs are general explanations. If there is any discrepancy between these FAQs and the Terms and Conditions, Terms and Conditions, take precedence.

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