Lottery players in cities all over the U.S. are pooling their resources for an increased chance at lottery riches. Even the state Lotteries are promoting pooling clubs. They’re a great idea, theoretically, but it takes more than the desire to set up a safe, secure, and successful Pooling Club. PowerPick gives you the security controls which are lacking in office pools and other informal pools.

PowerPick’s success is built on a firm legal foundation, good records, and rigorous internal controls to ensure that winnings are not misappropriated or wasted in endless litigation in court.

  • Legal Binding Contract – PowerPick's legal agreement clearly states the ticket ownership arrangements and legal agency relationship, eliminating problems like the office entanglements that so often end up in court.

  • Lottery Ticket Controls – Lottery Tickets are kept locked up in a fireproof safe, and the computer program makes sure that no winning ticket goes unclaimed.

  • Secure Computer System – The computer system itself has a fail-safe storage server, mirrored for each data transaction and backed up twice a day to an offsite location.

  • Ticket Confirmation – Each member receives a Confirmation Certificate listing all the tickets which will be purchased for their group.

  • No Missed Winners – Of course, players can check their own Confirmation Certificate for winners, but most players also understand and appreciate the feeling of security they get, knowing that the PowerPick computer system accurately checks to make sure that no winning Lottery ticket is ever missed! PowerPick’s software program highlights each number that matches what was drawn and those tickets that are winners are highlighted in a different color with a dancing figure and popup showing the amount won.

  • Detailed Account Summaries – Each player has access to see all winnings and from their selections and can view all monies going in and out of their account.

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