Hot Ticket Package
Pool Selections

with Special Bonus!!*
until pools close.

HT Choices
Hot Ticket $9.50
Double Hot Ticket $18.50
Triple Hot Ticket $27.50

Hot Ticket Package
ONLY $9.50
Includes all of the following 5 pools
$215 Retail Value!!
(Group Size 50)

25 tickets in Powerball
15 tickets in Powerball with Power Play
25 tickets in The Pick
25 tickets in Mega Millions
15 tickets in Mega Millions with Megaplier

Double Hot Ticket = Twice the Basic Hot Ticket Package!!
Triple Hot Ticket = Triple the Basic Hot Ticket Package!!!

Every time you order ANY Hot Ticket package:
For 2 hours, you will receive $1.25 off EVERY game selection*
when ordering
Powerball, Powerball with Power Play, The Pick, Fantasy 5,
Mega Millions, & Mega Millions with Megaplier
under the tab "Available Lottery Pools" under the tab
"Available Lottery Pools"
*(Does not apply to group size 200 pools).