5 Pool Value Pack
Pool Selections

Group Size 50

with Special Bonus!!*

2 Day VP - Wednesday and Friday
  • Wed - May 22, 2024 -- Powerball, The Pick
  • Fri - May 24, 2024 -- Mega Millions
until pools close.
5 Pool Value Pack Choices
Single Pack $9.50
Double Pack $18.50
lottery winnings

5 Pool Value Pack

Our group size 50 package includes:

  • 25 Powerball Tickets
  • 15 Powerball Tickets w/ Power Play
  • 25 Mega Millions Tickets
  • 15 Mega Millions Tickets w/ Megaplier
  • 25 The Pick Tickets

= 105 Total Tickets

If you bought all these tickets on your own, it would cost you $215.
In a group of 50*, you get action in all these tickets for a fraction of the price. *Other group sizes also available

Every time you order ANY 5 Pool Value Pack:
For 2 hours, you will receive $1.25 off EVERY game selection*
when ordering
Powerball, Powerball with Power Play, The Pick, Fantasy 5,
Mega Millions, & Mega Millions with Megaplier
under the tab "Available Lottery Pools" under the tab
"Available Lottery Pools"
*(Does not apply to group size 200 pools).

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