Scratcher Pools

To order a Scratcher Pool, please first Login or Register if you are new to EZ Pooling.
Weekly Pool Selections
Please check one or more of the following pools you would like to join, then click the Save button below. Once this screen shows that the pool is Completed, you can reorder by checking the pool.
Special Instructions

The Process

We will add you to the list for whichever Scratcher Pool or Pools you order. We will update this screen once you are assigned to a pool and again once the winnings have been posted to your account. We also send out an email showing you an image of the unscratched tickets, and a follow-up email later in the day with an image from the lottery terminal print-out and images of the ticket winners.

While we are continually receiving orders throughout the week, the requests are not Assigned and pools played until Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week.

The Payment

Unless you instruct us differently, we will use your balance if it is sufficient to pay for the pool, otherwise, we will charge you the price of the pool.

Automatic Renewal

If you would like to be on our auto-renew schedule for once a week or once a month, just let us know in the Special Instructions section above. When we periodically change scratcher games, you will automatically be included in the new replacement game, which will be the same price scratcher. You can always change your selection or stop it by just emailing us at [email protected] and we will send you a confirmation.

Cash Explosion
Current Prizes – updated every Monday
$2,500,000 - 6 prizes
$50,000 - 9 prizes
$10,000 - 42 prizes
$5,000 - 140 prizes
$1,000 - 1,464 prizes
$500 - 36,337 prizes
$200 - 98,875 prizes
$100 - 276,409 prizes
$50 - 402,871 prizes
$40 - 435,726 prizes
$30 - 636,437 prizes
$20 - 1,640,484 prizes
500X Fortune
Current Prizes – updated every Monday
$5,000,000 - 4 prizes
$500,000 - 10 prizes
$25,000 - 20 prizes
$5,000 - 860 prizes
$1,000 - 8,671 prizes
$500 - 85,771 prizes
$100 - 304,549 prizes
$75 - 385,941 prizes
$50 - 1,030,243 prizes
One Moment Please